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Hyaloplasma: fluid present inside cells

Definition - what it is

Also known as cytosol, hyaloplasma is a fluid present within the cells of living things. It is the soluble part of the cytoplasm.

Main features:

- In the peripheral areas of the cytoplasm, it presents as a colloidal matter (viscous gel species). In the inner part (endoplasma), hyaloplasma has a more fluid consistency;

- It is composed of water, mineral salts, proteins, sugars and free amino acids;

- Corresponds to about 50% of the cell volume.

Hyaloplasma Functions

Hyaloplasma (cytosol) is responsible for much of the chemical reactions of cellular metabolism. It is in hyaloplasma that glycolysis and biosynthesis of sugars occurs.

- It is in hyaloplasma that occurs, through chemical reactions, molecules that form cellular structures.

- It is in hyaloplasma that storage of reserve substances used by cells occurs.