Cell biology

Cell biology

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Cell: Main Focus of Cell Biology Studies

What is - definition

Cell Biology, also known as Cytology, is a branch of biology that studies cells in terms of properties, functions, structures, and organelles. Cell Biology has an important link with Molecular Biology.

Cellular biology has as its main focus the understanding of the functioning of cellular systems, the functioning of their structures and how cells regulate themselves.

The academic subject Cellular Biology is studied in courses in the areas of Biological Sciences and Health.

The Importance of Technology for Cell Biology

With the advancement of microscope technology in recent decades, biologists working in this area have been able to make numerous important discoveries for understanding cellular characteristics. With the advance of cytochemistry (study of cellular chemical composition), several discoveries about cells and their structures were also possible.

Leading Cell Biologists:

- Peter Agre (2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

- Günter Blobel (Nobel Prize in Physiology 1999)

- Christian de Duve (1974 Nobel Prize in Physiology)

- H. Robert Horvitz (Nobel Prize in Physiology 2002)

- Peter Dennis Mitchell (1978 Nobel Prize in Chemistry)