Biomedicine Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of Biomedicine

Indication of Biomedicine Books (Bibliography):

Biomedicine, Knowledge and Science

Author: Camargo Júnior, Kenneth R. de

Publisher: Hucitec Publisher

The controversy of Biomedicine

Author: Anselm, Reiner

Publisher: Loyola

Human Rights and Biomedicine

Author: Several

Publisher: Catholic University

Know and Feel: An Ethnography of Biomedicine Learning

Author: Bonet, Octávio

Publisher: Fiocruz

Physics for Biological Sciences and Biomedicine

Author: Okuno, Emico

Publisher: Harbra

Biomedicine: A panel about the professional and the profession

Author: Barbalho, Sérgio

Publisher: Federal Council of Biomedicine

New Technologies in Biomedicine

Author: Rodriguez, Rosália

Publisher: Sintesis (Spain)

Law and Development: Biomedicine, Technology and Globalized Society

Author: Meirelles, Jussara Maria

Publisher: Forum

Endocrine Physiology - Basic Health Sciences and Biomedicine Series

Author: Ribeiro, Eliane Beraldi

Publisher: Manole

Laser in Biomedicine: Principles and Practices

Author: Chavantes, Maria Cristina

Publisher: Atheneu