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Zootechnical Books

Zootechnical Books

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Bibliographic indication for the study of Zootechnics

Bibliography (indication of Zootechnical books):

Animal Science Manual

Author: Jardim, Walter Ramos

Publisher: Ceres

Veterinary and Animal Science

Author: Millen, Eduardo

Publisher: Icea

Profitable Livestock - Practical Animal Husbandry

Author: Vieira, Marcio Infante

Publisher: Silver

Agronomist's Dictionary - Animal Husbandry, Agronomy, Agriculture and Applied Biology

Author: Goulart, Lucia Helena S. D.

Publisher: Rigel

Zootechnics Microbiology

Author: Lacaz

Publisher: Roca

The sheep, the zootechnical handbook

Author: Souza, Irecilde G. de

Publisher: Nobel

Bases for the study of Zootechnics

Author: Torres, Geraldo C. de Vinhaes

Publisher: Ufpel - Ufba

Dairy Cattle

Author: Brazilian Society of Zootechnics

Publisher: Sbz

Chemical analysis of zootechnical interest

Author: Valente, Beatriz S.

Publisher: Ufpel - Uni Pelotas