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Cell Organelles and their Functions

Cell Organelles and their Functions

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Structure of an animal cell (image source: Wikipedia)

Organelles of an animal cell and their functions:

1- Nucleolus - production of ribosomal components

2 - Nucleus - conserve and transmit genetic information in the reproduction of cells and regulate cellular functions. It is surrounded by a nuclear membrane (envelope), called a library.

3 - Ribosomes - protein production

4 - Vesicles - substance transport and membrane union to eliminate contents outside the cell.

5 - Rough endoplasmic reticulum - participates in protein synthesis and transport.

6 - Golgi Complex - makes the cell secretion.

7 - Cytoskeleton - participate in the transport of substances and form the cell.

8 - Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum - participates in the cellular transport process, in addition to lipid synthesis.

9 - Mitochondria - are responsible for the respiration of cells.

10 - Vacuole - act in the process of intracellular digestion.

11 - Cytoplasm - In it is a fluid called cytosol. The cytoplasm has the function of housing the organelles and favoring their movements.

12 - Lysosomes - participate in the digestion of organic substances.

13 - Centrioles: they are linked to the organization of the cytoskeleton and the movements of flagella and eyelashes.