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Bibliographic indication for the study of Depression

Bibliography (indication of books on environmental depression):

Truth About Depression

Author: Whitfield, Charles L.

Publisher: Cultrix

The estrogen factor - female depression and its hidden link with hormonal changes

Author: Miller, Karen A.

Publisher: Cultrix

Cure - Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Author: Servan-Schreiber, David

Publisher: SA Publisher

From depression to sexual dysfunction

Author: Abdo, Carmita Helena N.

Publisher: Farma Segment

A mosaic of depression

Author: Faco, Maria Lopes

Publisher: Listening

This one of depression

Author: Reche, Carlos

Publisher: Atom

Get out of depression

Author: Thase, Michael E.

Publisher: Imago

Essential Guide to Depression

Author: American Medical Association

Publisher: Aquarian

How to get out of depression

Author: Nedley, Neil

Publisher: Publishing House

Depression - From Neuron to Social Functioning

Author: Lacerda, Acioly Luiz Tavares de

Publisher: Artmed

Bipolar depression

Author: El-Mallakh, Rif S.

Publisher: Artmed

Baby blues

Author: Harvey, Erika

Publisher: Now

Depression Universe

Author: Sene-Costa, Elisabeth

Publisher: Now

Adult Depression - The Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies

Author: Tolman, Anton

Publisher: Artmed

Depression, Psyche Station

Author: Delouya, Daniel

Publisher: Listening