Insect Books

Bibliographic indication for the study of insects

Insect Books (Bibliography):

Forensic Entomology - When Insects Are Traces

Author: Oliveira-Costa, Janyra

Publisher: Millennium

The Insects - An Entomology Summary

Author: Cranston, P. S .; Gullan, P.J.

Publisher: Roca-Brasil

The Fascinating World of Animals - Insects

Author: Girassol Publisher

Publisher: Sunflower


Author: Kindersley, Dorling

Publisher: Ediouro-RJ

Wonders of Nature - Insects

Author: Powley, Adam

Publisher: Sunflower

Ants in Action - How to Organize an Insect Society - Science and Culture Collection

Author: Gordon, Deborah

Publisher: Jorge Zahar

My Friends in Nature - Insects

Author: Riedke, Abigail R.

Publisher: Casa Publisher

Insect Poison Allergy - Allergies Series

Author: Castro, Fabio F. Morato

Publisher: Manole

How Insects Live - The Science Universe

Author: Tacla, Almenor

Publisher: Scipione

Insects - Extraordinary Imaginations of Fascinating Creatures

Author: Chinery, Michel; Ellamy, Davidb

Publisher: Blume

Insects - What's Inside Collection

Author: Royston, Angela

Publisher: Manole

Insects Practical Guide

Author: Michael, Marylene Pinto

Publisher: Nobel