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Biotechnology Books

Biotechnology Books

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Bibliographic indication for the study of Biotechnology

Biotechnology Books (bibliography):

Industrial Biotechnology - volumes 1 to 4

Author: Schimidell, Willibaldo


Fungi - An Introduction to Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Author: Azevedo, João Lúcio de

Publisher: Educs

Biotechnology and Nutrition - Learn How DNA Can Enrich Food

Author: Costa, Neuza Maria Brunoro

Publisher: Nobel

Municipal Waste Remediation (Biotechnology Applications)

Author: Lima, Luiz Mario Queiroz

Publisher: Hemus

Molecular Bases of Biotechnology

Author: Ulrich, Henning

Publisher: Roca - Brasil

Biotechnology and Its Ethical-Legal Implications

Author: Queiroz, Juliane Fernandes; Casabona, Carlos Maria Romeo

Publisher: Del Rey

Biotechnology Legal Challenges

Author: Sa, Maria de Fatima Freire de; Romero-Casabona, Carlos Maria

Publisher: Commandments

Environmental Law & Biotechnology - An Approach on Social GMOs

Author: Rodrigues, Melissa Cachoni; Arantes, Olivia Marcia Nagy

Publisher: Jurua

Biotechnology Enzymes - Production, Application and Market

Author: Bon, Elba P. S.

Publisher: Interciencia

Building Global Biobrands - Bringing Biotechnology to Market

Author: Simon, Françoise; Kotler, Philip

Publisher: Bookman

The Legal Protection of Human Beings In Vitro in the Age of Biotechnology

Author: Vasconcelos, Cristiane Beuren

Publisher: Atlas

AIDS - Ethics, Medicine and Biotechnology

Author: Czeresnia, Dina

Publisher: Hucitec

Biology Biotechnology - Project

Author: Corazzin, Roseli

Publisher: Brazil


Author: Nero, Patricia Aurelia Del

Publisher: RT

Biotechnology - In Agriculture and Agroindustria

Author: Serafini, Luciana Atti

Publisher: Farming