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Trachea: Important Respiratory System Organ

Which is

The trachea is a part of the mammalian respiratory system that is located in the neck, extending between the larynx and the bronchi, and is located in the frontal part of the esophagus.


The trachea is formed by numerous cartilaginous rings, opened by its dorsal region, which is adjacent to the esophagus. These rings are distributed over each other and are linked by fibrous muscle tissue.

In humans, the trachea has a length of 10 cm and 2.5 cm in diameter. Its inner surface is lined by a ciliated mucous membrane. It is quite susceptible to respiratory infections.

When obstructed by a foreign body or due to some kind of disease, a tracheotomy (surgical opening of the trachea) is required.

Did you know?

The airways of some types of insects are also called trachea.