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Nutrition: Diet plays a fundamental role in health


Diet plays an extremely important role in the health of the individual. It is through it that our body extracts the nutrients necessary for its balance.

Healthy and balanced diet

A proper diet provides numerous benefits to our body, including: health, beauty, longevity and pleasure.

Balanced diet is one that meets the needs of our body. It is important to emphasize that as we age, we need more care, including dietary care.

The basis for proper nutrition will always be the same, however it can be changed due to changes in lifestyle, advancing age, etc.

Nutritional deficiency causes numerous problems such as rickets, anemia and osteoporosis. One way to make a healthy and balanced diet is to consume constructive, energetic and regulatory foods.

Food Groups

Food builders are responsible for the growth and repair of the body. In this group are protein rich foods such as: meat, fish, milk, eggs, etc.

The group of energy foods works as fuel, that is, through this group of foods that the body draws the energy necessary to perform all its functions. This group includes foods rich in carbohydrates and fats, such as cereals, pastas, sugars, margarine, etc.

Regulators help the body perform its functions in a balanced way. These are the foods that should be consumed in the largest amount. Fruits and vegetables (very rich in fiber) are the best example to be given of this group.