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Retina: function of transforming light stimulus into nervous

What is Retina

The retina is one of the membranes of the posterior follow-up of the eye, whose function is to transform the light stimulus into a nerve stimulus. The nerve membrane of the eye and its territory extend from the optic nerve to the pupil. It is formed by ten layers, of which stand out the pigment epithelium (the outermost layer) and the sensory layer (composed for photoreceptors).

In order to observe the retina, given its location, it is necessary to use an ophthalmoscope in a process called fundus study.

Retinal Structures

In this visualization of the retina, two very important structures are the reference: the papilla and macula, which should always be examined when conducting an eye study. The papilla corresponds to the point at which the optic nerve continues with the retina, while the macula represents the most sensitive point of the entire retina.