Poisonous Spiders

Poisonous Spiders

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Brown Spider: Small but Very Poisonous

What are

There are several species of spiders that have poison. By stinging a human being can cause, in addition to pain, various health problems. In some cases, they can even cause the death of the person who has been bitten if there is no prompt and effective medical treatment. Children, the elderly and people with poor health can be fatal victims of poisonous spiders.

The poison

The venom of these spiders can cause the following problems in stinging humans: pain, cramps, tissue necrosis, dizziness, tremors, a drop or rise in blood pressure, and changes in heart rate.

Main species of poisonous spiders:

- Brown Spider (Loxosceles sp.) - extremely venomous

- Grass spider, also known as a garden spider (Lycosa sp.)

- Crab spider also known as Tarantula (Theraphosidae)

- Black Widow (Latrodectus sp.)

- Armor (Phoneutria) - extremely poisonous and aggressive

Latrodectus (black widow): very poisonous spider species.