Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology

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Branches of Biology: Areas that divide the study of this science


- Zoology (study of vertebrate and invertebrate animals)

- Botany (study of plants)

- Mycology (fungal study)

- Bacteriology (study of bacteria)

- Virology (study of viruses)

- Cell Biology (Cytology) - Cell Study

- Genetics (study of genes and heredity)

- Molecular Biology (study of biology at molecular level)

- Evolutionary Biology - study of species evolution

- Physiology (studies of physical, biochemical and mechanical functions of animals and plants)

- Ecology (study of ecosystems)

- Systemic Biology (study of interactions between biological systems)

- Conservation Biology (study of biodiversity and species preservation)

- Bioethics (transdisciplinary study between Biology, Medicine, Ethics and Law)

- Developmental Biology (focus on the study of embryonic development)

- Ethology (study of animal behavior)

- Environmental Biology (area focused on the study of the Environment)

- Immunology (immune system study)

- Biotechnology (study of technology based on biology)

- Taxonomy (study that orders and classifies living beings)

- Histology (biological tissue studies)

- Marine Biology (studies of living beings that inhabit saltwater.

- Microbiology (study of microorganisms)