Golgi Complex

Golgi Complex

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Golgi complex: eukaryotic cell organelle.

What is Golgi Complex

Golgi Complex is the differentiated part of the membrane system within the cell, which is found in both animal and plant cells. This cellular organelle is located between the endoplasmic reticulum (RE) and the plasma membrane.

Location and composition of golgi complex

The Golgi complex is located near the cell nucleus and is formed by units, the dictiosomes, which are linked together. Each dictiosome is composed of a set of flattened discoid sacs or cisterns surrounded by secretory vesicles of various sizes. Each dictiosome clusters an average of six cisterns, however, in some cases this number may reach five times more. The number of dictiosomes can range from a few units to a few hundred, this will occur according to the function performed by eukaryotes.


The most important function of the Golgi Complex is the secretion of proteins produced in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. During this process, the membranes of the vesicles join with the plasma membrane in such a way that it regenerates.