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Autism: Communication and Behavior Affected

Which is

Autism is a mental disorder that affects communication and human behavior. The term autism refers to the meaning: missing or lost.

Knowing Autism

Its definition has been used to describe various types of mental disorders, however, premature childhood autism, as it was called by child psychologist Leo Kanner, in 1943, describes an infrequent set of symptoms. Its incidence is approximately 4 cases per 10,000. It is also known that autistic boys outnumber girls by four to one.

The autistic boy is unable to use language to process the information he receives from the environment. Approximately half of boys with autism are mute, and the other half (those who speak) are usually only able to mechanically reproduce what they hear.

Other characteristics of autism are: uneven developmental pattern, autistic fascination with mechanical objects, repetitive responses to stimuli received by the environment, and resistance to any change that comes from the environment. It is also known that some autistic boys have notable skills such as mathematical dexterity.

The cause, diagnosis and treatment of autism are still being studied. Research suggests that the cause of this disorder is a possible genetic failure that may be constituted by some form of autoimmune disease or degenerative disease of nervous system cells.

It is part of the recommended treatment for people with autism to receive special education, with intense and gradual learning, accompanied by intense control of the child's behavior.

In general, it is known that talking autistic boys have a high chance of improving significantly, thus presenting a very positive prognosis.

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