Cytology Issues

Cytology Issues

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Cytology Questions (answers at bottom of page)

1. In an animal cell, which organelle is responsible for cellular respiration?

A - Golgi Complex

B - Mitochondria

C - Ribosome

D - Centriole


2. Which of the following presents plasma membrane functions in a cell?

A - Shaping the cell, in addition to controlling the substances entering and leaving it

B - Perform cellular respiration.

C - Synthesize proteins within the cell.

D - Perform all process of cell division.


3. Which of the following presents the names of two forms of cell division?

A - Phagocytosis and Osmosis

B - Interphase and Photosynthesis

C - Mitosis and Meiosis

D - Osmosis and Anaphase


4. In an animal cell, which organelle has the function of conserving and transmitting genetic information in cell reproduction and regulating cellular functions.

A - Ribosomes

B - Lysosomes

C - Cytoplasm

D - Cell Core


5. What is the function of leukocytes (white blood cells) in human blood?

A - They perform the protective function, fighting infectious agents that penetrate the human organism.

B - They perform the important function of nutrient transport throughout the human body.

C - They carry oxygen through the human blood.

D - They act in the process of cell division.