Bone Tissue Cells

Bone Tissue Cells

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Osteoblasts acting on bone matrix production

Types, main characteristics and functions of bone tissue cells


Characteristics: They are located on the surface, forming columnar or cuboid shaped cell laminae.

Function: They have the function of producing the bone matrix, through the process of synthesis of the organic components of this matrix, collagen and glycoproteins.


Characteristics: These are mature bone cells located inside the bone matrix. They originate from osteoblasts.

Function: They have the function of enabling the maintenance of the bone matrix throughout life. This occurs through the secretion of substances required for the maintenance process.


Characteristics: They are branched, mobile and multinucleated cells.

Function: have the function of destroying excess bone formation. They balance the process of cell renewal. They are also responsible for bone matrix degradation.

Posted on 08/29/2019
By Elaine Barbosa de Souza
Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences, Methodist University of São Paulo.