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Lichens on a rock

What are lichens (definition)

Lichens are living beings considered special because they are formed by a symbiosis (relationship of mutualism between two organisms where there are advantages for both individuals). The symbiosis that forms lichens occurs between an algae and a fungus.

In this symbiotic relationship, algae is responsible for the production of organic food and photosynthesis. The fungus, on the other hand, guarantees protection and a suitable environment for algae development.

Main characteristics of lichens

Lichens are hardy and can grow on rocks and tree branches and trunks. They can handle temperature changes as well as the bright sun and humidity.

Lichens come in a variety of colors and plate shapes.

Although they are not considered members of the plant kingdom, as they are not considered plants, they are the subject of botanical studies.

The main types of lichens are:

- Fouling

- Scaly

- Fruitful

- Filamentous

- Fofable