Scientific Tree Names

Scientific Tree Names

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Trees: Several species with different names

Knowing the popular and scientific names of some tree species

We know many species of trees by the common (popular) name, ie the names that people gave and that went from generation to generation through popular culture. But botanists (researchers who study plant species) and other scientists who study trees have come up with scientific names. Many of these names have meanings according to the characteristics of the tree or fruit it produces. See below some examples.


Avocado - Persea americana

Mulberry - Morus nigra

Araça - Psidium cattleianum

Araucaria - Aruacaria spp

Cacao - Theobroma cacao

Cashew Tree - Anacardium occidentale

Persimmon tree - Diospyros kaki

Oak - Quercus spp

Cedar - Cedrus spp

Chourão - Salix babylonica

Cypress - Cupressus macrocarpa

Embaúba - Cecropia hololeuca

Espinheira-Santa - Maytenus ilicifolia

Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus spp

Fig Tree - Ficus carica

Breadfruit - Artocarpus altilis

Imbuia - Ocotea porosa

Yellow Ipê - Tecoma serratifolia

Jabuticaba tree - Plinia trunciflora

Jambeiro - Eugenia malaccensis

Jasmine - Rudgea jasminoides

Jatoba - Hymenaea courbaril

Pink Jequitibá - Cariniana legalis

Orange Tree - Citrus sinensis

Mantis - Cyclolobium vecchi

Macadamia - Macadamia integrifolia

Apple Tree - Malus sylveltris

Castor bean - Ricinus communis

Walnut - Carya illinoinensis

Olive Tree - Olea europaea