Male Reproductive System

Male Reproductive System

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Male Reproductive System: Reproductive Organs

Composition (organs)

The male reproductive system is composed of the testes, epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, prostate and penis.


In the testicles occurs the production of sperm and also the production of testosterone (male sex hormone).


It is in the epididymis duct that sperm maturation occurs, and this duct also stores the sperm and leads them to the vas deferens through peristaltic movements (muscle contraction).

Deferent Ducts

The vas deferens have the function of storing the sperm and transporting them towards the urethra, and it is still responsible for resorbing those sperm that have not been expelled.

Seminal Gall

Seminal vesicles are glands responsible for secreting a fluid that has the function of neutralizing the acidity of the male urethra and vagina, so that sperm are not neutralized.


The prostate is a male gland of a golf ball size. It is through the prostate that a milky fluid that has approximately 25% semen is secreted.


It is through the penis (urethra) that semen is expelled. In addition to serving as a channel for ejaculation, it is through this organ that urine is also expelled.


Conductive channel that, in the aspect of reproduction, has the function of driving and expelling sperm during the process of ejaculation.