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Prostate Localization: Male Reproductive System Organ

What is (summary) and location

The prostate is a gland that is located near the male urethra. It is present only in men and has the function of producing a liquid that mixes with the sperm produced in the testes and also with another liquid that comes from the seminal vesicles, to then form semen.


Inflammation of the prostate is not uncommon, and it can be acute or chronic. In this picture, the main symptoms are malaise and urethral discharge.


The most frequent alteration that occurs in the prostate is the chronic increase of its size (hypertrophy). This condition occurs most commonly in the last years of life and is accompanied by difficulty urinating and retention of urine. In the most severe cases it is necessary to extract it by surgical procedure.

Prostate cancer

Another problem that can occur in the prostate, especially in older men, is prostate cancer. This is a very serious disease that can lead to death. Prevention is still the best measure for this disease, so it is recommended to perform periodic examinations from 40 years of age. When identified early, the chances of cure are high.