Pulmonary Bronchi

Pulmonary Bronchi

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Bronchi: conducts air to the lungs

Which is

In humans, as in mammals, the bronchi are cartilage tubes whose function is to bring air into the lungs. Therefore we can say that the bronchi are the entrances of the lungs. At its bottom, the trachea divides into two bronchi (right and left).


Conduct the air we breathe to the pulmonary alveoli in the lungs. Therefore, the bronchi are of utmost importance in the respiratory process.

Location in the human body

The bronchi are located in the middle of the chest. They are below the bottom of the trachea.

Main features:

- The wall of the bronchi is composed of cartilage and muscle layers.

- Has elastic and mucous consistency.

- The bronchi have branches.

- They are internally covered by pseudostratified and ciliated cylindrical epithelium. This epithelium has goblet cells, which have the ability to form mucus.

Did you know?

- The inflammation of the bronchi is called bronchitis.