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Ant: One of the Most Popular Insects

What they are - biological definition

Insects are invertebrate animals and are part of the class. Insecta. They suggested millions of years ago. Scientists say the first ones appeared about 500 million years ago. Currently there are thousands of species and among them we can highlight: butterflies, flies, moths, bees, wasps, beetles, ants and many others.

Information and main characteristics of insects:

Regardless of their classification, their body is divided into three parts: head, chest and abdomen. Insects also have six legs attached to the chest, and in this region there may also be two wings or, in some cases, four of them.

Most insects have two eyes, formed by several smaller ones, or simple eyes, ie, have the formation of several eyes in one. Breathing occurs through small holes (holes) in your skin. Most insects have antennas that give them a very sharp sense of smell, allowing them to more accurately capture their prey.


With regard to their development, most insects go through various stages until they reach the stage of maturity. Butterflies, for example, go through four phases: eggs, larvae, chrysalis, and finally they grow into adults as we know them, with their beautiful, colorful wings.

There are also community-dwelling insects, ants and bees in this category. These two species are extremely organized and divided hierarchically (by functions). In beehives, for example, there are the queen bee (responsible for breeding) and the workers (working all the time).

Other well-known types are leaf insects, which are part of the cockroach family and are easily found in the tropical areas of our planet. This type of insect usually stays still during the day (using the mimicry ability), leaving only at night to look for food. Among them, only males have the ability to fly.

From the same family are the stick-insects, which look like small tree branches and as camouflage, have green areas that resemble moss. This attribute makes them able to blend in with the landscape (trees, plants and leaves) of the region they inhabit, and in this way they can deceive their prey and predators.

Urban pests

Many of these insects have become a pest for the population of large urban centers. This is the case of the known termites and ants that advance inside the houses leaving a trail of destruction. With the increasingly common cement and concrete constructions, these insects had their power supplies depleted, and the only way to survive was the dispute over spaces with humans.

Biological curiosity:

- There is a science that studies insects and its name is entomology.

Butterfly: insect with wing and wide variety of colors.