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Spider: A very feared arachnid by people

What are (definition) and examples

Arachnids are organisms belonging to the class Arachnida of the arthropod phylum. This class includes more than 60,000 species, including: spiders, ticks, scorpions, etc.

Main characteristics of arachnids

Arthropods have a well-developed nervous system and many of them, such as spider and crab, have exoskeleton, ie a hard outer shell.

Within this huge variety, the vast majority of this species are terrestrial animals that breathe through trachea. However, some perform skin breathing and others have leafy lungs.

Arachnids are mostly predators, some species even have venom glands with which to kill their prey.


Their reproduction occurs through internal fertilization, they generate eggs from which small beings that will not undergo metamorphosis come out.

Biological Curiosities

- A curiosity about some arachnids such as spiders and scorpions, is the fact that the first are able to survive in many types of environments, since scorpions are more easily found in more arid regions. However, both can live close to water. Some spiders are even able to walk on water to catch their prey.

The branch of zoology that studies arachnids is known as arachnology.

Arachnid Species

Crab Spider (Tarantula)