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Iguana: A Reptile That Lives In Tropical Regions

Main information and features:

Iguana is a reptile that inhabits tropical regions of America. We can find iguanas in northern Brazil, Central America and Mexico. They live mainly in forested areas.

- Iguana lives mainly in trees. They have excellent ability to climb and walk trees.

- They feed on insects, small rodents, slugs, fruits, vegetables and even flowers.

- An iguana lives on average 10 to 13 years.

- An adult iguana can reach 170 cm in length.

- Have a row of thorns in the back area.

- When they are young, these reptiles are green in color. When they reach adulthood they get dark stripes on the body.

- They are oviparous, ie the form of reproduction includes the deposit of eggs in the external environment.

- Iguanas have an excellent vision system and can see objects over long distances. They usually communicate with other iguanas through visual signals.

- The best known species are: green iguana (photo above), Caribbean iguana and marine iguana.

Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Philo: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Sauria

Family: Iguanidae

Genre: Iguana